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Pay Equity starts with Pay Transparency

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A new Nordic collaboration between Nordic Reward Partners and Sysarb can help you get an overview of your salary data, highlight inequalities, and rectify these without risking your profitability. You will have access to the leading Pay Equity Software and advice from the best Reward specialists in the Nordics.

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Sysarb is a Nordic HR-tech company and industry leader in equality and diversity. We specialize in helping HR-departments with people & pay analytics. 

Nordic Reward Partners is specialized in consultancy services and analysis within the performance and reward field.

Achieving workplace equity starts with transparency

Conducting a reliable gender pay gap analysis is easily done with the help of the Nordic’s leading pay equity software powered by Sysarb. Nordic Reward Partners can help you organize your people data and import it into the system. We can run your analysis for you, or you can do this yourself through the system. Once the analysis has been run, you can use the software’s dashboard to get overview of the current situation in your company. 

If inequalities are identified, we will help you create a roadmap for achieving true workplace equity without jeopardizing your short-term profitability.

The Sysarb Pay Equity software is used across the globe by big and small companies alike. Thus far more than 5000 pay equity analyses have been run through the software ensuring transparency and helping to create fairness in more than 450 companies worldwide.

New legislation may lead to a competitive advantage for first-movers

In December 2022 the European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the Directive on Pay Transparency Measures. This includes a demand that all companies with more than 100 employees publish a Gender Pay Gap Report externally, as well as provide internal information on the gender pay gap by categories of workers doing work of equal value.
The consequences incl. fines can be severe for companies who are not on top of their policies and those who do not have a suitable job architecture in place. However, for those who invest now it’s an excellent opportunity to gain an advantage in attracting and retaining top talent while being on the forefront of compliance.
We are drawing on more than 10 years of experience with similar Pay Equity legislation in Sweden to ensure you are in full compliance and have the necessary documentation. And if inequalities are identified we help you create a strategy for fair and realistic rectification.

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