Salary Surveys

Finding the right salary

Employees are your greatest asset, and salary costs your largest expense. Pay too much, lose competitiveness. Pay too little, lose your best employees. Getting it right is crucial to your company’s bottom line. This is why you need data. 
Nordic Reward Partners is the most experienced independent producer of salary surveys in the Nordic region. We produce highly specific club surveys, tailor-made to just a single industry. And we produce general salary surveys, providing data across all industries. 
Salary statistics replace gut feeling and hearsay with accurate data – and gives you a solid foundation of updated knowledge to help you achieve the goals in your reward strategy.

Single-industry surveys

We produce salary surveys tailor-made to the specific conditions of a single industry. They provide much needed data on job titles that are specific to the industry  as well as a perfectly curated peer group. They are  developed in close collaboration with key stakeholders in the industry, and all variables are calibrated to reflect the needs of the participants with high-resolution data on all important salary components.  We currently produce the following single-industry surveys:

Auditing and Accounting  (DK)
IT-Industry  (DK+NO)
 Pharmaceutical Industry  (DK)
 Biotech  (DK)
 Investment Funds  (DK).

Danish Salaries

Nordic Reward Partners produces Danske Lønninger (Danish Salaries), which for more than 40 years has been one of the most trusted sources of salary information for Danish businesses.  It is the largest independent cross-industry salary survey in Denmark, containing updated salary data for more than 200 job titles, sorted by company size, region and employee age. It provides you a quick and detailed overview of all the most important salary components: monthly base pay, allowances, bonus, pension and company car benefits. 

Read more about Danske Lønninger here.