Equal Pay

Analyzing the gender pay gap

Finding the difference in average pay between men and women is a more complex undertaking than it might appear. If you simply compare the average salaries between the two groups, you will often find that men are paid more. When taking other factors into account, such as job level, performance and competences, the pay gap will look different. Sometimes it disappears entirely, sometimes not. No organizations have inequality as part of their salary strategy. But unfairness might still hide in the details, and the small individual differences in pay can grow into a big systemic problem, if it is left unchecked. 

Better achieve fairness and clarity through a thorough Equal Pay audit. We can help you with that. 

Equal pay audit

The steps will change from client to client, but our approach remains the same. We build on a foundation of data, analyzing and reviewing the available variables that are comparable throughout the organization. We review your data, making sure that the positions compared are of equal importance to the organization. Where possible, we review the  data within each category down to the individual level. We apply statistical modelling, building on solid regression analysis which will estimate the casual relationship of differences in pay and root out possible inequalities. Our findings are presented in a final report, containing both our conclusions as well as the statistical documentation of our process. 

Fixing it fairly

Fairness and clarity is central to any modern reward strategy. Gender-based inequality in pay is fundamentally  unfair, and often the result of lack of transparency. When fixing the issue it is important to increase the fairness, not just swop one unfairness with another. Some issues can be easily adressed in the next yearly salary review, others need to be adressed in stages, to avoid a disruptive effect on the internal job architecture and employee satisfaction. Once the problem is fixed, we help put in checks and balances, to keep the problem from reappearing. That is good governance, and we can help you with that too.


We help you fix the problem,
fairly and without disruption.