Meet the team

Good with numbers, good with people. 

We have managed and worked for all the major data providers of the region. And we have also been their clients, having worked for some of the leading reward departments in the region. We provide simple solutions to complex questions, building on a foundation of good data, common sense and decades of experience.


  • JonCropNy.jpg
    Jon Sannes
    Managing Partner 

    Jon is our leading partner, responsible for client relations and growth.


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  • VeronicaCropNy.jpg
    Veronica Fridfeldt Hoff
    Senior Specialist, Partner 

    Veronica is our leading compensation & benefits specialist.


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  • StineCropNy.jpg
    Stine Marott Normann
    Senior Analyst, Partner 

    Stine is our lead statistician.


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